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Well That Was Different

The short concert at the intuBraehead, in Glasgow, given by the Clydebank Male Voice Choir was a resounding success. Often you will see various choirs at this time of year performing in Shopping Centres and in town centres etc. We were no different and had a short 40 minute program to perform. We were located on a mezzanine ‘bridge’ between the upper and lower mall in Braehead. There was a train running on the lower mall, just below us and the public were either below us or above us. It was noisy and not an ideal location to be singing but boy did we turn it to our advantage.

One thing you can say about a Male Voice Choir, when we want to, we can be heard. Yes it was noisy, but to use a local expression, we gave it ‘laldy’ and they certainly heard us. In fact there was quite a gathering on the upper mall looking down on us and listening. Because of the nature of a shopping mall I did not expect that we would get much reaction from the shoppers wondering by but, boy was I wrong. They were very appreciative and applauded many of the pieces we sang. If you were there and took any photos, we would love to hear from you and we could put some of your photos on our web site and you would be credited for it.

Over the years, and as a result of many Christmas Concerts we have taken part in at the Clydebank Town Hall, we have built up quite a repertoire of ‘Christmas’ themed song, so we were not just singing the usual carols. These were 4 part songs and they went down a bomb. That is not to say that we didn’t sing some carols, we did , but at least it was different.

We were singing on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK.

If you are interested their web site is www.prostatecanceruk.org and whilst we were doing our bit, their collectors were wondering around seeking donations. Following the event they contacted us and advised: “Thank you all so much for performing last night. From out point of view, it was a huge success and wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.” We were glad to be able to oblige. When speaking to a member of the Braehead staff following the concert, she described it as ‘Wonderful‘.

As always, we are constantly looking for new venues to sing at and for new members to join the choir. Whilst the volunteers were handing out their own materials they very kindly included our cards which have this website and facebook details on. I hope that someone will have been impressed enough to contact us for a booking or to join us.

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