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A little bit of History

At our last rehearsal I was approached by one of the members of the Baritone section, Nori Toffolo. He had been ‘rummaging’ through some old papers and had come across a photocopy of an article from The Herald Newspaper. Unfortunately it has no date on it but from the contents we think it was from March 2001 when the choir sang at the Scotland International Match against Belgium. In the early 2000’s we sang at several international football matches including Australia, San Marino and Croatia (in addition to a couple of Rugby Internationals at Murrayfield when Scotland Played England and Wales)

The article was from Tom Shields & Ken Smith’s “Diary” and I have transcribed it as below.

Choral Tribute

THE renditions of Flower of Scotland at international sporting events have been much improved since the Clydebank Male Voice Choir became involved. The disciplined tones of the Clydebank fellows kept the Tartan Army in time at Hampden on Saturday, a. welcome change from the usual scene of disparate bunches of stragglers trying to follow the bagpipes.

The Clydebank Male Voice Choir, as its name indicates, does not allow women to be members, not even if they have a male voice. But it does benefit from the leadership of Elizabeth Clark, its conductor, who
rules with a baton of iron and makes your average dictatorial music teacher appear a laidback hippy.

Ms Clark is always on the lookout for new members and declared herself very impressed with the performance of the Tartan Army hordes in the west stands as they repeatedly, some might say interminably, went through. their musical scales with Doh a Deer. _

Oneof the choir members made a more direct approach to a high-profile singer in the crowd at Hampden. Spotting Rod Stewart sitting a few rows behind, he went to speak to the ageing rocker and asked if he
wanted to Join the choir. Rod was non-commital but, who knows, we could see him yet in his blazer and flannels in the ranks of the Clydebank choristers.”

My one comment on this was that the choir was lead by Margaret Clark at the time and not as written!!



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